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Middlesbrough Football Club have become the first team to give their official support to OutNews Global’s #ComeOut2Play campaign.

Sign up to show your support for LGBT footballers here.

The team tweeted this morning, saying: “ are committed to promoting equality and diversity and we are proud to support .”

The club join other high profile supporters: John Bishop, Sarah Brown, Alan Carr and Piers Morgan. John Bishop tweeted that ‘the taboo needs to be broken’.

The #ComeOut2Play campaign was launched on Tuesday afternoon and already, it’s reached more than 23 million people, dwarfing all other campaigns on the Thunderclap website.

The Thunderclap campaign has already reached more than 23 million people

Andy West, Editor-at-large of OutNews Global and one of the campaign leaders said: “It’s extraordinary to have such huge support so early on in the campaign and to start getting support from football clubs just goes to show that the game is ready to accept openly gay and bi footballers.

“This isn’t about pressuring anyone to do something they don’t want to do but now is the time for clubs, players and fans to state that they will protect any openly LGBT player from harm or intimidation.

“Middlesbrough FC can be proud to be the first club to sign up to #ComeOut2Play and I look forward to welcoming many more teams to the campaign.”

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