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Yes, it’s a slow news day here at OutNews Global so, having tired of Bargain Hunt and bleedin’ Homes Under The Hammer, we thought you might like to meet our top three pansexuals ever.

Monáe makes the world go around.

Here at OutNews Global we’re all about talented people, probably to make up for our lack of it, and Janelle Monáe has talent with a capital T oozing out of every single orifice. Probably. Not content with an illustrious music career where she’s picked up 45 major awards and shed loads more nominations, she starred in the seminal movies Moonlight and Hidden Figures. 

Most recently, the starred in the Amazon Prime thriller series The Homecoming, succeeding Julia Roberts in the lead role.

You cannot be Cyrus (not sure if that works, but time is against us).

Once she’d cast off her squeaky clean Hannah Montana image, the lovably eccentric Miley Cyrus exploded on to the music scene like a, erm, wrecking ball. To be honest, it looked like she’d lost the plot for a bit with seemingly every photo of her featuring her unfeasibly long tongue and/or her naked bosoms but, hey, nobody’s complaining about that, least of all us.

Since kicking Hannah Montana into touch, smiley Miley has starred in a six part Woody Allen TV series and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Courtney Act, our very own wizard of Oz.

Drag Race runner-up and all round good egg Courtney Act is a model, singer and presenter. Like many Australians, Courtney is well on the way to becoming a national treasure in the UK, just like Kylie Minogue and Rolf Harris. Sorry, did we say that out loud?

As if modelling, singing and presenting weren’t enough, Courtney came second in the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars.

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