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Private health insurer Medibank has been both applauded and criticised for a controversial ad featuring gay couples and other diverse images.

The Australian health insurance company has launched its latest advert, as the company seeks to demonstrate that it offers cover to benefit better health for everyone.

The advertisement, produced by ad agency Whybin/TBWA, uses real people and real families, and represents some parts of modern society that are often ignored in traditional media ad campaigns.

Besides more traditional families, the commercial features a same-sex couple without children, and two same-sex couples with children, alongside single grandparent families and every kind of mum and dad.

The private health insurer tweeted the ad, which first aired over the weekend, and asked “what is the normal Australian family?”.

The inclusive ad has garnered positive attention from LGBT allies.

However some weren’t happy about the show of diversity with one questioning Medibank on its Facebook page as to why the advert had been shown on pre-school children’s channel Nick Jnr, and saying ‘It’s adults kissing left and right. …It’s too much for a 4 year old’.

Medibank Brand and Marketing General Manager Fiona Le Bocq told the AAP that although the campaign wasn’t designed to be controversial they were happy to have started a conversation about diversity and inclusion.

“These values are important to us … We welcome people with different life experiences.”


Watch the advert here:



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