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Reality TV star and singer Margeaux Simms will perform at the 27th anniversary of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs.

Margeaux’s star is on the rise! Margeaux Simms broke through into the popular consciousness when she starred in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) as the “secret wife” of Nikko London, a music producer/aspiring rapper. Although married, Simms and London had been legally separated and remained friends. Simms has since been dating stunning androgynous model Merika Palmiste and the two make a striking queer couple that are now firmly on the lesbian radar.

Margeaux performed at the inaugural queer women’s cultural event ClexaCon in Las Vegas this month. “The show went really well,” says Margeaux, and she felt that the crowd of culture-savvy queer women embraced her as one of their own. She’s now set to perform at The Dinah, the biggest lesbian celebration on earth.

“It’s exciting, this is my first year there attending and performing, so I guess it’ll be extra fun!” she reveals to Curve.

Is she ready for thousands of partying lesbians? “Yeah,” she laughs. “I’ve seen the pictures and videos and it looks like it will be a lot of fun.”

It will be a chance for women to enjoy Margeaux’s mellow R&B/hip-hop tracks up close and personal, such as “Girl On the Left,” which is dedicated to her female lover and features Merika as her co-star in the video.

While Margeaux acknowledges that the reality TV show gave a her higher profile that she would not otherwise have had, she reveals that she was playing a character version of herself that was essentially only about 5 percent real. The ‘reality’ came from the real-time drama she was encouraged to participate in, the inauthenticity of which caused her to eventually leave the show. She and Merika were together during filming but producers didn’t show it until the very end because “there wasn’t enough drama,” says Margeaux, who also didn’t want her relationship to be portrayed as trashy. Hey, the girl has principles and we like it!

But even though she walked out on the show, many fans think she was the best thing in it and admit she has real musical talent. Her single “Start a War,” which she released during Season 4 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, is a fusion of hiphop R&B and electronic music and earned her a massive fanbase online. It turns out that Margeaux isn’t just another fame seeker, but a multi-talented recording artist with an uncanny sense for visual style.

Of Canadian-Jamaican heritage, Margeaux originally studied fashion design before breaking out into music recording and drawing diverse influences together to create her unique style. He House of Margeaux (HOFM) is soon to release a line of very cool merch designed by her.

And best of all, she’s one of us! She’s played at Dallas Gay Pride, NYC Pride, and she’d like to do more this summer. She is now readying to drop her new visual EP “Black Cocaine,” to be released this summer. Meanwhile, catch her in person before her star fully ascends and she leaves our orbit.

Don’t miss your chance to meet Margeaux Simms and her gorgeous girlfriend, Merika Palmiste at The Dinah, and see her sing live!

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