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The LGBT Guide to Business Travel has been released.

The guide was created by ManAboutWorld, which also produces a monthly digital travel magazine for gay men.

While the U.S. and many countries are making real progress to achieve LGBT equality and inclusion under law, the fact is that more than 76 countries today still criminalize homosexuality.

The good news is that LGBT travellers – for the first time – may count on expert resources at their fingertips to guide them on ways to stay safe, productive and successful when navigating unfamiliar and uncertain destinations.

The guide covers a variety of different topics including safety and security concerns and LGBT business etiquette, while also offering advice for staying connected to home, connecting with LGBT locals, and special tips for small businesses on accessing some of the travel perks often reserved for employees of large corporations. In addition, the guide also offers suggestions for ways LGBT business travellers can help advance the cause of human rights globally.

“Our aim has always been to shrink the world, and make it a more welcoming and accepting place for all LGBT people, including those who travel for work. This innovative guide is our promise to business travelers that they can achieve their goals – wherever the road leads them – by also being safe, connected and engaged with local cultures in ways that are socially and culturally smart.” said Billy Kolber, co-founder of ManAboutWorld, and editorial director for the new guide.

The development of the the guide was made possible through support from Marriott International and IBM, and sponsored also by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Their financial support make the guide available for free download.

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