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tabletsA 51-year-old married Parkinson’s sufferer claims to have developed a gay sex addiction due to his medication.



Didier Jambert, from Nantes in France, is the married father of two who claims that his Parkinson’s medication has had some unwanted side effects, and is suing pharmaceutical conglomerate GlaxoSmithKline as a result.


Mr Jambert told the Daily Mail that he developed a compulsion for gay sex, as well as exposing himself online and cross-dressing. This behaviour lead to him being raped. He also attempted suicide eight times and has lumbered his family with130,000 worth of debt due to an out of control gambling habit, all of which he is also blaming on the drug, ReQuip.


Mr Jambert explains, “My life was ruined, my family and I were treated like we had the plague.” He stopped taking the drugs in 2005, and the erratic behaviour ceased, but at that point he had already lost his job and suffered severe psychological trauma.


Interestingly, a similar case occurred last year, when IT manager Peter Shepherd (60) took a different Parkinson’s treatment and ended up a sex-crazed transvestite.


Mr Jambert is demanding450,000 from GSK; the verdict is due on 24 March.

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