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North_carolina_shooterA man from North Carolina is being investigated by police after posting a video of himself firing a gun into a sign supporting gay marriage.

The man, who identified himself as Alex, fired shots into a sign in his neighbour’s yard which supported gay marriage, after telling viewers he wants to ‘have a little talk’ about the proposed referendum on writing a ban on gay marriage into the state’s constitution. The sign reads ‘Vote Against Amendment One’.

‘Right now, there’s this amendment trying to be passed – Amendment One – that’s going to state that marriage is going to be between one man and one woman, which is how it ought to be,’ he then fires two shots into the sign and ends with ‘That’s all, folks,’ reports the Daily Mail

North Carolina is preparing to vote on May 8 on whether an existing state law which defines marriage as between one man and one woman should be imprinted into the state constitution as well.

North Carolina is currently the only state in the Southeast without a gay marriage ban written into its constitution.


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