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policelineA 28 year-old former altar boy has been accused of bludgeoning to death his gay lover after wrongfully thinking he was a paedophile.

It is alleged Christopher Hunnisett hit Peter Bick on the head with a hammer five times before walking into Hastings police station and confessing that he had killed someone.

There was no evidence that Bick was a paedophile, Lewes Crown Court heard. Hunnisett claims to have been the victim of sexual abused in the past and had created a ‘blacklist’ of men he believed to be paedophiles.

Philip Katz QC told the court that Hunnisett had previously served eight years of a life term for the murder of 81-year-old priest Ronald Glazebrook in 2002 but he was cleared after a 2010 retrial heard Glazebrook had sexually abused him in his teens.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.

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