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Police investigating the murder of journalist and activist Lyra McKee have arrested a 27 year old man in Londonderry under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Local sources report that the as yet unnamed man is being held at Muscgrave Police Station in Belfast.

McKee, who was shot and killed during riots on 18th April 2019, was a leading light in Northern Ireland’s LGBTQ community, not least through her honest accounts of her own “coming out” stories.

In April 2020, one year after McKee’s murder, Michelle Stanistreet of the National Union of Journalists said, “Lyra was a journalist who represented the best of Northern Ireland, with a future ahead that reflected her optimism, her confidence, her ambition and her strong sense of social justice and commitment to equality.

“As we remember Lyra today, and think of her partner and family, we also think of journalists elsewhere who put their lives on the line when they get up and go to work each day.”

McKee was names the Sky News Young Journalist of the Year and was honoured posthumously at the 2019 Diva Awards.

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