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The year 2022 has arrived! January always comes with promises of NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. However, translating a resolution into reality is never a straightforward task. Life has a way of taking over and leading us astray. Or rather, it keeps us still and precisely in the same place where we were standing yesterday, a week ago, for the last month, year, and then the years before this one just passed. “Oh, it’s because I’ve set out unreasonable expectations on what I could achieve that I’ve failed.” The lies we tell the universe are directly proportionate to our tendency not to take responsibility for what we do. “Unreasonable” based on whose perception, anyway?

Too much masturbation?

We often tend to blame anything and anyone but ourselves on the shortcomings of our lives. Our egos demand deception in sustaining what we choose to do with time. For most of the past two years, the pandemic has been an easy way out of our mess. It’s because of the lockdown that we put on weight, drank too much, binged on Netflix, masturbated too much to porn, broke up, failed our loved ones, and God knows what else. However, no one forced our behaviour on us. Our choices were to indulge in activities that were detrimental to our physical and mental health. It’s us who evade responsibilities. Ultimately, we do what we want, and when we lack the courage to stand by the choices we make, we justify them by using the expression I CAN’T, or I AM BUSY. Busy doing what, exactly? What it is that I cannot do, and says who? 

Real change starts when we recognise our actions and take accountability for how we live life. By doing so, we can make informed choices and isolate the toxicity present around us. Decluttering is extremely important, which is why we shouldn’t be afraid to let go of all the things and people that are no longer fit for purpose. Power comes from within. We all have it in us to rise to the occasion and be like the sun. We can go out there, shine and share our light with the world. The universe will give us back the energy that we project into the present and then some. 

Positive spin

In 2020, after a highly significant event, I felt the need to tell a story that ultimately will help the people who read it. I decided to write a book. Anyone who laughed at my project is no longer part of my life. I chose not to allow their blindsided perspective on the possibilities that the world offers to affect my narrative and what I want. People who tell us we cannot do things project their limits on us. I stayed within my emotional base, and nothing put me off balance. Fast forward to the last day of 2021, and ninety thousand words and four edited versions later, I have a novel I am proud I have written saved to my OneDrive, my desktop, and as a Word attachment in an email sent to myself. My whole life now has a positive spin because I have chosen to have around me people who encourage me to be the best version of myself. I feed my beliefs with their unwavering support.

We inspire each other to be better and do better. As a result, all MY people had a great 2021 filled with incredible achievements. This year, I aim for my novel to turn into success because this was my focus from the start. I will only offer it to a publisher who shares my vision and sees my project’s potential. After all, bestselling authors before their breakthrough were nobodies like me. I share the courage of my convictions and belief in my capabilities as a writer with them. I will wait until the time is right for me. I refuse to waste my work and publish it for mere validation because I aim to make a difference in the largest possible way. 

Happily ever after

We can all be extraordinary human beings. As incredible as it sounds, I choose to chase the best possible outcome of them all. I want the fairytale. Secretly, everybody does. I have nothing to lose, nor does anyone else involved in any given project. Despite upbringing, education, personal circumstances, and many setbacks, everyone deserves the chance to change their trajectory in life and aim straight at the stratosphere representing happily ever after. This year, I have only one piece of advice for you to use as a resolution. Allow yourself to dream, fly as high as you want, and feed on what you manifest to the world. Dream, damn it. Just DREAM.

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Mario Forgione

Mario Forgione is a part-time cabin crew, a carer and a blogger. When he doesn’t pretend to work as an excuse to explore the world, Mario campaigns for causes close to his heart. His work has appeared in publications including Attitude, DNA, FS, GMFA and Out in the City.

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