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australiaflagMore than three quarters of Autralian LGBT community has suffered from intense anxiety over the past year, according to a new study.

A study by La Trobe University and Australia’s Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria examined the pressures facing more than 4000 LGBT people.

The results, published at a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, found that more than half respondents claim to hide their sexuality or gender identity to protect themselves from perceived discrimination.

Nearly a third reported being diagnosed with depression in the past three years, and 22 per cent had been diagnosed with anxiety.

Less than 70 per cent said their GP knew about their sexuality.

Victorian Mental Health Minister Mary Wooldridge said the survey would provide direction for future government initiatives.

“I really think our challenge is to get our message out, and we have to shout it from the roofs, we have to do everything we can to raise awareness and educate the broader community and develop ways to reduce the stigma, reduce the discrimination,” she said.

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