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The title of the track is “Happy Now,” which basically describes how we feel about watching it.

While we can’t deny being impressed by the audacity of Gigi Hadid flicking her hair literally 52 times in Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love” video clip, all signs are pointing to 2017 being a better year for lesbian representation (and originality) in popular music videos.

The latest clip to feature hot lesbians making out is 19 year old Deejay Rupp’s visual for club banger “Happy Now” starring LGBTQ models and real life couple Madison Paige and Terra Renegade.

What’s particularly great about this clip is that it focuses all film time on the couple themselves, and doesn’t pander to the annoying trope of ‘male stares at hot lesbians making out’ that occurs in so many music videos.

You might recognize gender-fluid Paige from her brief stint dating everyone’s favourite inmate, Ruby Rose, just after Rose’s split with Phoebe Dahl.

Wallace is a model whose Instagram is basically the definition of #aestheticgoals.

In the clip, they make out, wear hot bondage gear, and generally make us very jealous of their relationship.

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