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Cosmetics giant, Lush, released a Valentine’s Day advertising campaign featuring gay couples and people are loving it.

The company shared a picture of a two men enjoying a bath together on Twitter along with a home page feature on their website featuring a lesbian couple.

And it’s a hit with Twitter users too.

One person wrote, “I’ve never bought anything from Lush, but I love the fact that they support different sex couples.”


Others were quick to offer praise for the campaign.





This is not the first time Lush have actively shown their support for the LGBT community, launching a #GayIsOK campaign in 2015. The Love Soap was sold globally and helped raise funds for LGBT charities.

Spokesperson for Lush, Alessandro Commisso said: “By purchasing the Love Soap they have given us their trust (and their pounds) to fund grassroots charities and continue to support LGBT rights as human rights.

“A little sparkly soap goes a long way.”

The women are featured on Lush USA home page (Photo: Lush Cosmetics)
The women are featured on Lush USA home page (Photo: Lush Cosmetics)


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