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The living room is often the main focus of our home, which makes it the best place to put your feet up after a long and busy day. It is also the perfect space to host parties and events, where your guests can have fun and share their stories. Therefore, making your living room more comfortable and inviting can enhance your ability to make others feel welcome. Also, an intimate living room can be a safe haven, which will allow you to cleanse your mind and de-stress when you need to. Within this article, you will find some innovative solutions to create a cosy living room.

Remove clutter

If you have too many boxes, papers, and books around, this will not only take up valuable space, but it will also seem less inviting. Additionally, clutter can decrease productivity and affect our mental wellbeing. However, you can turn a messy living room into an organised and clutter-free space with a little proactive action. To start with, it may be useful to grab a basket or bin and pick up anything that doesn’t belong in the living room. You should also find a proper home for any objects that usually wind up in the same area. There may be some items you no longer need, and thus you may want to consider donating them.

Consider a leather corner sofa

A corner sofa is a great way to provide more space for the entire family and even additional seating for guests. At Denelli Italia, you can find the perfect leather sofa, which will invite you to sit back and relax every night. It is a simple yet elegant choice that will add sophistication to your living space. Moreover, a quality leather sofa will provide you with increased comfort, as the size alone will enable you to stretch and relax in any direction you wish. Overall, this is a versatile corner sofa available in a variety of leather finishes to suit any taste.

Add pillows and throws for comfort

Shopping for colourful, fun, and sleek pillows can truly enhance your vision for your living room. They are the perfect way to bring in texture, colour, and warmth to your sofa and chairs. When choosing throw pillows, be sure to take the dimensions of your sofa into consideration. Remember that pillows shouldn’t be too big, as they can overwhelm the rest of the room. Similarly, a throw blanket can instantly make your guests feel at home. If you want to encourage people to interact with your space, the less symmetrical placement of your pillows and blankets will feel more inviting.

Hang personal and family photos

Hanging some personal and family photos will reflect the warmth of your friends, relatives, and pets. Showcasing these photos in your home will instantly boost your mood and make your living room more inviting and sociable. To take advantage of these beautiful items, you may want to create a photo collage, where a multitude of small photos are organised into a large frame. Additionally, it may be beneficial to alternate black and white photos with colour photos. Another innovative idea is to set up a bullet board by making some pin boards where you can hang your photos.

Incorporate bookshelves and books

There is something comfortable and familiar about books. As bookshelves take up a large amount of space, they are easy to incorporate into a living room. Apart from books, you can also store your magazines and newspapers along with some beautiful trinkets. Finding some picture frames, vases, or other accessories in a cohesive colour scheme may be useful. You can even create a multi-purpose bookshelf, which may be part table or part chair. Also, it may be possible to add your TV in the middle, which can be a great way to attract your guests’ attention. 

Maximise natural sunlight

The amount of natural light in your living room is key to making your space feel airy, bright, and welcoming. In comparison, dark living rooms may feel uninviting and small, which can put your guests off from staying longer in your home. Therefore, it may be beneficial to keep your blinds and curtains open to allow natural sunlight to stream through. You may also want to place mirrors strategically so that they can reflect light into a dark room. Also, if you have a great view, you can use it to your advantage to boost your mood every morning and evening.

Introduce pleasant scents

Sometimes we may be too busy perfecting the way a room looks that we forget about the way it smells. However, adding scents can be useful to make a living room cosy and intimate. Choosing a pleasant fragrance also has the power to instantly lift a mood or kill it in a flash. You can use a mix of methods to make your home smell the best way possible, including candles, air fresheners, room sprays, and sachets. For your living room, it is important to select scents that you would enjoy for a longer period of time. 

Make use of wall space

A blank wall is a wasted opportunity to add colour, warmth, and brightness to your living room. You can display many items, including artwork, photographs, and other items. For example, you can infuse colour and create a rustic look by adding hanging flower vases. To add more storage, you can simply incorporate floating shelves and switch out the décor that is displayed on them. Also, a large mirror can be the perfect solution for filling an area without overwhelming the overall design. Alternatively, if you are looking to add texture, woven wall art may be the best choice.

Decorate with plants

Houseplants are the best way to introduce a touch of nature into our homes and bring a pop of colour. They are a wonderful addition which can work well regardless of the size or style of your home. When decorating with houseplants, you don’t need to limit yourself to shelves and tables. For example, to create visual interest and depth, you may consider placing a large plant next to your sofa. In addition, hanging plants can be placed anywhere in the living room, and they will always serve as a distraction. 

Find high-quality rugs

Rugs can have a major impact on the way your home feels, as they have the ability to pull your accent colours together, add pattern, and soften hard edges. When it comes to choosing the right living room rug, ensure that your rug is the right size for the room. It will also look best, if it features at least two of your accent colours. Comfort is also another key factor, so you will want to check if any rug you are considering feels good underfoot. Finally, don’t forget to find out what is the best way to clean and maintain your rug.

Personalise your ceiling

Lastly, you should also consider your living room ceiling, as essentially, it is your fifth wall. Be sure to paint it a fun colour for a warmer and more personable feel. Alternatively, you can add colourful light fittings, which will provide a focal point in the room. Some other fun and creative ideas include adding a chandelier, covering your ceiling in wood, or creating a floral wallpaper. As a result, whenever you or your guests look up, there will be something to represent your unique style and add a wow factor.

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