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liverpoolLiverpool council have released a report announcing that they should officially recognise Stanley Street as Liverpool’s ‘gay quarter.’


The council hope that this will help boost the area and maximise its money making potential. The study, which is to be put before councillors next week, acknowledges the fact that there are different interests that are not affiliated with the LGBT community in the surrounding streets (these streets would still technically be a part of the soon to be, gay quarter.)


Councillor Nick Small said: “This is a very important piece of work on how the Stanley Street Quarter can develop in the future.It shows that the quarter can play an important role in the economic development of the city as a whole by. Other cities such as Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham have reaped the economic benefits of similar quarters and Stanley Street has the potential to more than match them.Stanley Street is a vibrant area but it has nowhere near reached its full potential. We now need to look at what is achievable and how best we can go about that. What is important is that we have the support of the various interests in the area about how we go forward.”

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