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catholic2The Frontline Church has caused outrage amongst gay rights campaigners after running sessions to ‘cure’ people of homosexuality.

It has even published a ‘Homosexuality Fact Sheet’ which features tips and information on how to spot those who are “struggling with their sexuality.”

It even featured a tip which read: “Women may appear and dress in a more masculine way.  Men may appear somewhat effeminate.”

The fact sheet was to be handed out at the churches L.I.F.E session and states that: “homosexual relationships are characterised by emotional dependency.”

“An all consuming, unhealthy attachment is made with the other person.  The relationship is not based on love but on finding security in another person.”

The Frontline Church says that homosexuality is caused by “pain in childhood” and they say that their sessions have worked with members of the congregation.

Since the fact sheet was released and details of the sessions have come out many organisations have broken ties with the church.  This includes one of the city’s largest housing associations, Plus Dane, and Merseyside Police.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “We would not regard any church as an “official partner” and the religious beliefs of the churches whose buildings we use are entirely separate to and independent of the views and policies of Merseyside Police.”

According to the church books, both Prime Minister David Cameron and Nick Clegg have visited the church and met staff after the Church received Home Office funding in 2010 to run projects helping young men.

The Frontline Church deny being homophobic.  In a statement to the Daily Mail they said: “None of our services (church and projects) discriminate against any basis and we are unconditional in offering support to all service users.

“We respect everyone’s right to hold their own views and don’t ask service users to adhere to our Christian values or even ask project users what their views are.”

“We agree that the fact sheet is somewhat simplistic and could lead to prejudicial stereotyping if taken wrongly, and that is the last thing we want.

“That is why the fact sheet has not been on our website for some time and we took it down because we did not feel it was a constructive reflection of such a complex issue.

“The Fact Sheet was written under the auspices of a staff member some years ago and he has subsequently left.”

Liverpool council, who are listed in Church books as a donor have said they have not funded church activities in five years.

A scan of the mentioned leaflet can be seen here.

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