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Community Action Against Homophobia calls for Sydney to join in the marches.

Community Action Against Homophobia has called for Sydney to join the United States and the world in global marches against Trump on June 11. The LGBT protest is scheduled to take place on the weekend of the Washington National Pride March, emulating the historic Women’s Marches after Trump’s inauguration.

Co-convener of CAAH Patrick Wright said, “What Trump does matters here. The Liberal government is already praising Trump on his immigration ban and his corporate tax cuts. If Trump wants to attack LGBT people, he’ll give a boost to the homophobes in our own parliament.”

The march became even more crucial after a draft executive order was leaked on February 1. The Nation reports that, if signed, the order would allow organisations to discriminate against LGBT people “When providing social services, education, or healthcare; earning a living, seeking a job, or employing others…or interfacing with Federal, State or local governments.”

“This is an insane attack,” said Cat Rose, co-convener of CAAH. “Trump is trying to disorient the people’s opposition by attacking us all at once. Global solidarity with US protestors is about telling them ‘we got your back’, but it’s also about tackling our own governments.”

The Turnbull government has denied equal marriage rights to LGBT people even though 65% of the population supports it. His insulting delay tactic of a plebiscite was rightfully voted down at the end of 2016, but activists aren’t content with waiting.

“We’re not just waiting til June to right, we’ve got our huge No Pride in Detention, No Pride in Turnbull” float at the Mardi Gras parade,” said April Holcombe from CAAH, “But we’re seriously building for June 11, and we think it can be massive. Our aim is as many people getting the word out and coming along as is humanly possible. These guys have to go.”

To find out more about CAAH’s Mardi Gras float, click here.

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