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Two hurt in the capital Zagreb.

Zagreb Pride group said that people were injured after a tear gas canister was set off at an LGBT party in the Super Super night club in the early hours of Sunday.

Police confirmed the incident occurred at 3.35am, and two people were injured as they tried to leave the venue, adding that an investigation was under way.

“In recent months we have witnessed an escalation of hatred in the public sphere incited by increasingly aggressive and vociferous discourse used by the radical clerical right against the constitutional values of Croatia, which has been met with the tacit approval of the Croatian government,” Zagreb Pride said in a statement, calling on the government to  denounce what they see as a hate crime.

The organisation strongly condemned the incident, describing it as an act of violence motivated by hatred. It called on the police to carry out a swift investigation and bring to justice those responsible for “this heinous physical attack on citizens and take all the necessary measures to ensure peace, security and human rights for LGBTIQ persons in Zagreb and Croatia.”

“We will not surrender or step back in the fight for our human rights!” they wrote. “Justice and love are on our side and we will all proudly march, not only on 10th of June this year at the 16th Zagreb Pride, but also every day outside of our ‘four walls.’ Hatred will never be able to defeat love!”


Photograph: HINA/ Tomislav PAVLEK/ ua


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