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Friends of OutNewsGlobal Lesflicks will be celebrating LGBT history month with a short film programme aimed at increasing the knowledge of, and access to lesbian and bisexual film. This year’s theme is Mind, Body & Soul, with two programmes of short films to engage, entertain and inspire the LGBTQ+ community. Access to the two film programmes will be made available between 1st and 28th  February 2021 via the LesflicksVOD platform.

The programme is also being made available to community groups, charities, libraries and networks in order to run watch party events to engage their communities and offer support to prevent social isolation during the pandemic.

Naomi Bennett, CEO & Founder said: “We first launched our LGBT History Month programme in 2019 in direct response to UK libraries wanting to screening LGBT films to engage local communities. Available titles were somewhat limited and exhausted in previous years, and we know short films offer much more opportunity for discussion and engagement. Our first year we saw 5 events around the UK, this year that has increased to 18 enquiries from libraries, university networks, corporate networks, LGBTQ+ charities and LGBTQ+ community groups.

“We’re delighted to be able to support such a broad range of groups within our community. Film has the ability to distract, entertain and to bring people together and so is the perfect solution for a disconnected community.”

Mind & Body Watch Party – Monday 15th February.

A selection of short films which explore themes of consent, resistance and queer history to engage and galvanize the mind and body.


·        RHUBARB

·        GAY AS IN HAPPY

·        ON A PATH

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Mind & Soul Watch Party – Wednesday 17th February.

A selection of shorts, programmed to inspire and nourish through short tales of power, perseverance and poetry.

·        ROADKILL

·        HER & HER



·        CHAMPION

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Find out more about the full festival and all of the films here:

Any groups looking to access this collection, can complete an interest form for more details here:

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