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article-0-13082A34000005DC-63_634x452A lesbian who sought a marriage license with her partner in North Carolina was arrested after she refused to leave a government office where several gay and lesbian couples were turned away.

The arrest comes after the passing of a new state law which defines marriage as being solely between a man and a woman, effectively banning same-sex marriage.

‘We cannot issue you a marriage license because it is not allowed under North Carolina law,’ a clerk told two gay men.

Mary Jamis of Mocksville, and her heterosexual friend Mary Lea Bradford of Winston-Salem, were arrested after joining nine couples looking for a marriage licence and refusing to leave the marriage license office.

A county administrator tried to talk the women into leaving and avoiding arrest, but the two insisted they would stay unless Jamis was issued a marriage license for her and her partner, Starr Johnson, 48, reported the Daily Mail.

They were charged with second-degree trespass, a low-level misdemeanor, and released without bond, authorities said.


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