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The teenagers say a cleaner told them that their kissing was “inappropriate”.

Kristeen Ferenczi, 16, says that she and her girlfriend felt they had no choice but the leave the fast food restaurant in Farnworth, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The girls, who have been together for nearly a year, both attend Bolton Sixth Form College, and were regular diners at the restaurant before the alleged incident.

On Thursday, February 9 the couple had been eating in the restaurant with a family member when they were approached by the cleaner.

Kristeen told the M.E.N: “We were sitting down with my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s cousin having a meal.

“When he got up to go I noticed this woman just lingering around us, and as I kissed my girlfriend on the cheek she came over and told us it wasn’t appropriate, and implied for us to leave.

“I turned round and said ‘are you homophobic?’ but she wouldn’t answer. You see a lot worse in McDonald’s, there was nothing inappropriate about us kissing on the cheek.

“When I rang the management to complain they said if it happens again they will talk to her, but it’s not good enough. We are not going to come back.

“We have had people say things to us in the past but we have never had someone approach us and kick us out before.

“It made us feel awful, we were walking out and we didn’t know what to do, so we just started crying. That’s all we felt we could do.”

McDonald’s has since apologised to the girls and launched a full investigation into the incident.

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