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swedish-flagA lesbian couple in Sweden have reported their city council to the Equality Ombudsman after they were forced to pay for insemination, when heterosexual couples do not have to.

The couple were made to pay 3,000 kroner (about £289) for the treatment said to their local paper Norrköpings Tidningar: “Looking back we have felt pretty sad over the fact that it looks like we are not seen as important as other couples.”

The couple have also claimed they were discriminated against by doctors who referred to one of the couple as ‘the father-to-be’.

Insemination is free for lesbian couples in many of Sweden’s neighbouring countries, and heterosexual couples who cannot conceive naturally are also not charged.

Maria Morell, a representative of the City Council has defended their actions. “We have identified what we think should be paid for by taxpayers’ money. We think that there should be a medical reason for infertility for the council to pay for treatment and homosexuality is not counted as a disease.”

She goes on to say that if a lesbian couple were reproductively challenged they would then be eligible for free treatment under the current regulations.

The issue of fertility treatment is extremely divisive and regulations differ in e ach country.

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