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dollywoodA lesbian couple are calling for changes at Dollywood theme park after one of the women was asked if she would reverse the pro-gay T-shirt she was wearing.

The T-shirt featured the marriage equality slogan ‘Marriage is So Gay’. The Dollywood employee said he approached the woman because he was worried her T-shirt might cause offence in a family-friendly environment.

Olivier Odom and Jennifer Tipton, the couple involved, originally complied but have recently demanded that Dollywood be more accommodating to LGBT families.

Pete Owen’s, Dollywood Spokesperson told Knoxville’s WBIR-TV that the theme park is open to all families but their dress code policy is to ask people with offensive clothing or tattoos to cover up. “The park is open every day to everybody,” he stated, “We try to provide an environment for families of all shapes and sizes to enjoy themselves.”

The two women plan to file a complaint to Dollywood regarding the discrimination they encountered.

Tipton commented: “That’s what we found so offensive — that he said it was a family park… Families come in a wide range of definitions these days and we were with our family.”

According to Owens the incident has already triggered talks at the park about their dress code policy.

Odom believes she did the right thing by complaining. “If marriage equality is going to happen, it’s not going to happen if people sit at home quietly”.


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