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A senior councillor has been suspended by Scottish Labour following a police inquiry into allegations of homophobic abuse.

Tom McAughtrie, who represents the Abbey ward at Dumfries and Galloway Council, is alleged to have posted an offensive comment describing two people as “deviants” on Facebook last month.

The post was referring to Dr Belle Doyle, the chair of the local LGBT+ group in Dumfries and Galloway, and Anglican priest Andrew Crosbie.

It read: “Thankfully you two deviants were dealt what you deserved by the people of Dumfries.”

An investigation was launched after one alleged victim reported the 65-year-old to police.

A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “Mr McAughtrie has been placed under administrative suspension from holding office or representing the Labour Party, and from Dumfries and Galloway Labour Group.

“It is important that these allegations are investigated.”

Mr McAughtrie has been a councillor for more than 30 years and stood for parliament in the Dumfries constituency in 1983.

He has declined to comment on the investigation.


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