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rugbyballA prospective Labour county councillor has apologised after comparing professional rugby to gay pornography on Twitter.

Shahid Hussain, who is running for election in the county of Glanaman, recently tweeted “Was it gay porn? Oh sorry that’s just rugby! ;)” and other message which could be interpreted as offensive.

He mocked political rival David Jenkins, expressed boredom during an official council meeting and allegedly made sexist comments about Imogen Thomas.

Phil Grice, county Labour secretary, criticised his party co-member as “immature”.

Mr Grice told the South Wales Evening Post: “These are an appallingly immature set of tweets and Mr Hussain ought to be ashamed of himself.”

“I accept he is a very inexperienced candidate who may be unaware of the proper conduct of candidates with respect to their political opponents.”

Mr Hussain maintains that he uses Twitter in a personal capacity and so his tweets should not be cited as evidence for or against his professionalism.

“I am really, really sorry if I have offended anyone”, he told the South Wales Evening Post.

“I do not use Twitter as a serious tool for promoting myself, it’s just for a laugh and a joke with my friends.

“That’s why I don’t add local constituents as friends. I’m happy to meet with David Jenkins and apologise if I have offended him.”

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