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Staff at LA LGBT Center arrived at work to find the worst case of vandalism in recent memory.

Homophobic slurs such as  “Fuck trannies” and “Fuck all yall” were spray-painted across the entire side of one wall of the Hollywood facility.

“It happened sometime between 9 and 10 pm last night (Friday),” Jackie DeFede, Director of Facilities at the Center told Vanguard Now. “We had a security officer on duty, but he was patrolling other areas of the building. Fortunately, we have cameras that should have recorded the perpetrators.”

“We aren’t going anywhere,” the Center wrote on its Facebook page in response to the recent attack.

Los Angeles is not the only city to have its LGBT facility targeted recently. Only last week, workers found the storefront of Milwaukee’s Diverse & Resilient center vandalized with the slur “F*g” in spray paint. Gerald Coon, president of Diverse & Resilient, told NBC News that it’s the third time in two months the center has been hit with graffiti.

“This is unfortunately the third time in two months that our building has been vandalized,” said Coon. “We can’t be certain of the motives behind the vandalism or if the incidents are related, but we are aware that such attacks have increased across the country since the election. We remain undeterred and will continue our work.”


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