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Now LGBTQ people can protest in Russia, thanks to Instagram and Ssex Bbox.

The LGBTQ community faces prejudice everywhere. But in most countries, we are free to publicly protest, fight for our rights, and even hold our Pride Parades. This is a privilege unknown to the People in Russia. Protesting is forbidden.

But what if we could change that? What if we could, somehow, protest for LGBTQ rights in Russia, without the need to actually be in Russia? Ssex Bbox – a social justice project that seeks to support diverse perspectives about sexuality and gender – found a way with the help of Instagram.

In three simple steps, anyone can ‘check in’ at the Kremlin and break the silence on this abuse of human rights:

1. post a photo of a kiss on Instagram
2. tag “Moscow Kremlin” as your location.
3. use the hashtag #kiss4LGBTQrights

More than a campaign, a new form of LGBTQ activism. Thousands of people from around the globe have joined the movement, including LGBTQ rights activists and celebrities like supermodels Lea T, Naomi Campbell, MariaCarla Boscono, Photographer Mert Alas, Art Director Giovanni Bianco, director Max Joseph, designers Riccardo Tisci, Francisco Costa, model Marlon Teixeira, actors Caua Reymond, Mariana Ximenes and Wagner Moura, star from Narcos.

A powerful tool to protest just using Instagram. Be a part of this movement and help fight homophobia in Russia.


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