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In a vote of no confidence with the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, an unprecedented number of the shadow cabinet have resigned.

Powerful figures in equality and diversity have quit including Shadow First Secretary of State Angela Eagle, LGBTI Global Envoy Michael Cashman, and the Shadow Commons Leader Chris Bryant.

The veteran campaigner Michael Cashman said he felt he had little choice but to step down following last week’s EU outcome.

He exclusively told OutNews Global: “Given that this is an appointment direct from the leader of the Labour party it would be wholly wrong for me to serve in this role when I no longer have confidence in Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

“It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I have had to step away from a role that I consider extremely important. But I will continue my work for equality with or without an official role. The work goes on.”

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Linda Riley CEO of OutNews said that: “While I love the Labour Party, I have no choice but to resign Labour’s Business Diversity Ambassador as I worry for the future of diversity in the UK.”

Linda Riley Labour’s Business Diversity Ambassador

A  copy of the wording to her resignation letter is below:

Dear Jeremy

It is with regret that I am tendering my resignation as Labour’s Business Diversity Ambassador.

As you know, I was honoured to have been put forward for this role by Angela Eagle, and I will always be grateful to you for appointing me at her suggestion. However, given Angela’s resignation earlier today, I do not believe that I can continue to serve the Party when my own views are so closely allied to hers. While I am fully aware of your own personal commitment to diversity in the business world, it seems increasingly apparent that these laudable aims would now be best achieved under a more unified leadership which is better placed to oppose the Conservative Government both in the House and the country.

Yours sincerely

Linda Riley.

Anthony Watson, President and CEO of Uphold, the first British citizen ever appointed to the Board of Directors of GLAAD and Chair of the Labour Party’s Business and Enterprise Council, is scheduled to give a speech to the Parliamentary Labour Party in Parliament on Wenesday June 29.

He has publicly endorsed Angela Eagle to be the next leader of the Labour party on his twitter account: @AnthonyWatson with the trading hashtag #ImWithAngela

It is a worrying fact that with the exodus of key LGBT figures what will happen to LGBT support within the party now?

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