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kenistheleaderoftheglcKen Livingstone has caused a major furor within the Conservative party, who are demanding an apology. Livingstone said the party is riddled with homosexuality and branded certain MPs as hypocrites for failing to deliver full equality.


He claimed that the public “should be allowed to know everything, except the nature of private relationships – unless there is hypocrisy, like some Tory MP denouncing homosexuality while they are indulging in it.”

The Labour candidate for mayor is not one to shirk away from speaking his mind, and the latest revelations were made in a bid to exemplify how the party still shuns away from equality.

In comparison, he claimed that unlike the Tories: “Well, the Labour ones have all come out.”

The latest comments will have riled the Conservatives, however, Livingstone not one to hide the truth and a firm believer in gay rights throughout his career – as labour leader of the GLC, he helped fund many LGBT groups – claimed that his comments were simply honest.

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