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In an interview with John Wilson, singer k.d. lang reflects upon the future of her career and says: “I’m completely at peace with the fact that I may be done.”

Asked if she might be reinvigorated to write and tour new music following the 25th anniversary tour of her album Ingénue she says:

“Music isn’t my focus so much anymore, and I wouldn’t be so self-assured to think that any of my other records would be important enough to go out and play them. The reason I wanted to do Ingénue is because it did mark a cultural sign post, it was a sonic moment for the LGBTQ evolution.”

She also touches on coming out at the same time as the album’s original release:

“I had a big gay contingent around me and of course they were for it, but they were worried about the repercussions of coming out on my career. But it was at a very tumultuous time of gay history when AIDS was full blown – I felt like I needed to take a stand and just be honest and open.”

She reflects upon young people’s different attitudes towards sexualities and gender identifies in 2019:

“It’s very exciting what’s happening. It’s almost the eradication of gender categorisation which is beautiful, which is what some of us always wanted. Any categorisation is, in the long run, unhealthy I think. We are complex beings and it’s not so easily slotted.”

 Hear John Wilson’s full interview on Front Row, Thursday 1 August, 19:15 on Radio 4 on BBC Sounds

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