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“It always seemed puzzling to me that the world wasn’t just embracing LGBT people.”

Film star and icon Julie Andrews has voiced her support for the LGBT community in a new interview with The Advocate.

As the POTUS sets about getting rid of the transgender bathroom protections Obama introduced, Julie had a powerful message for him:

“Please keep an open mind. Please think.”

Julie also opened up about her lifelong support of the LGBT community. She explained that her theatrical background meant LGBT people had always played a pivotal role in her life.

“Theatre, anyway, is such an open community and free. I don’t think there’s been a time when I haven’t been [an ally]. I have to say, though, in my hometown, in my community, I was very aware of bias and bigotry, and couldn’t understand it.”

She credits her upbringing with her accepting nature.

“I was raised not to be that way and not to think that way, and it always seemed puzzling to me that the world wasn’t just embracing human beings. But it’s never been something that I stumbled on. It’s just always been innate, thanks I think to the professions that I am in. But also the way I was raised.”

Julie stars in new Netflix children’s show, Julie’s Greenroom, alongside her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton.

Emma revealed:

“I am my mother’s daughter. My father is a Broadway production designer, so I was steeped in the arts and the culture of New York theater, [and] in film and so forth. I don’t remember a time when it wasn’t, when I didn’t feel like the LGBTQ community was part of my life and part of reality.”

The mother-daughter team have said they have tried to make the programme diverse and it even includes a non-binary character.

You can watch a trailer for Julie’s Greenroom here.

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