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pregnant_manThomas Beatie, the first publically pregnant transgender man, has had his divorce proceedings blocked by an Arizona judge. Beatie filed for divorce in the state of Arizona, which doesn’t recognise gay marriage. The judge has deemed their marriage same-sex, as Beatie and his wife both have female sex organs which brings into question the validity of Beatie’s marriage to his wife.

Beatie, who was born as Tracy Lagondino in Hawaii in 1974, is quoted as saying he always felt like he wanted to be a man. In his early 20s he began having testosterone injections and soon after met his wife, Nancy. Mrs Beatie has two teenage daughters – Amber and Jen, from a previous marriage. At age 28, Mrs Beatie had a hysterectomy after suffering severe endometriosis. Beatie therefore postponed final gender reassignment surgery, keeping his female sexual organs, so the couple could still have children.

Beatie had legal documentation regarding his sex change prior to the 2003 wedding – meaning the pair were able to present themselves as a heterosexual couple. However, Beatie has since given birth to three children. The New York Daily News reports the judge is therefore unconvinced the pregnant man is a man and so is still deliberating how to proceed with the case. According to TMZ, the judge argues that he cannot find any legal authority that defines a man as someone who is able to give birth, adding that he doesn’t have the permission to divorce a couple who, in his evaluation, were never married in the first place.

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