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“Show the world the LGBTI community will take back power from the bullies and bigots.”

At a time when equal rights are under threat, Digital Pride is launching a Thunderclap campaign to #FightBack.

In case you haven’t heard, Digital Pride is the first worldwide Pride festival, created by Gay Star News. From 24 to 30 April, there will be a week of queer events, parties, screenings and discussions, shared online and all over the globe.

Here’s what pop star and former DIVA cover girl Saara Aalto says about it:

If you’d like to get involved, join their Thunderclap. In the words of Digital Pride, “show the entire world, in one message powered by you, the LGBTI community will take responsibility for building a better world and take back power from the liars, the bullies and the bigots”.

The following message will be simultaneously posted on the social media page of everyone who signs up:

“I pledge to join #MillionsOfUs to win #LGBTI equality. I will #FightBack locally, nationally and globally.”

Join the Thunderclap now to make your voice heard.

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