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Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said a gay history month in schools could be introduced as part of changes to the national curriculum.

He pledged that a future Labour government would “actively update” the national curriculum to reflect LGBT historical figures, and the fight for gay rights.

Under his plans children would be taught about the persecution of figures like Oscar Wilde, and Enigma code breaker Alan Turing, not just their successes.

Speaking at Pink News awards he said:  “I firmly believe the role of government is to challenge the environment where hate festers, and that begins with education. Because the more we know, the less we fear.

“Imagine this embedded in the heart of school curriculum. Our children would be learning about the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, whose contribution did so much to bring the second world war to an end.”

He added, “Let’s get a new generation to rejoice at the huge contribution LGBT people have made throughout history.”

Asked whether the proposals could provoke criticism in some quarters, Corbyn said: “It might well, but then I do remember a time when there was great controversy over all kinds of legislation that has now become the norm in our lives.”


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