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If you are going to go to Japan, it is worth starting your preparation in advance to ensure you get the most from your trip.

When you are a student, you should seize as many opportunities to travel as you can. You will get an amazing experience, learn new languages, meet people, and expand your horizons. If you want to go on an adventure to a bright, modern, and a bit crazy place, Japan can become a perfect option. This country has many things to offer, whether about sightseeing, food, modern technologies, or bright, unusual cafes. Students will surely fall in love with this country, and to get the brightest impressions, it’s worth spending there at least two weeks. If you are afraid that you will not keep up with your curriculum, you can use such services as, so you will not have any problems. So, what things to consider when going to Japan?

Arrange your travel beforehand

Firstly, you should decide on travel dates, and if you plan your travel on a budget, avoid the following significant moments for the Japanese population: Christmas and New Year, late March-early April (cherry blossom time), Golden Week, which covers the last days of April and the first week of May and the Obon festival in mid-August and late autumn, when Japanese admire the bright red maple leaves. All these dates cause a huge buzz in Japan, and ticket and hotel prices skyrocket. Besides, the prudent Japanese buy tickets almost a year in advance, so all decent hotels are full. And don’t forget that you will run into huge crowds of locals traveling around the country during these periods. To grab good plane tickets and cut off worries about the trip, you should start studying essay writing service reviews and checking prices about six months before the trip, or even earlier.

People speak Japanese there

This heading reflects the essence of local realities. Even though it seems clear that each country speaks its state language, you can be confused. There can be a deceptive feeling that everyone here is fluent in American English. Alas, only a few individuals speak English here. Where did the image of ubiquitous English come from? You will find that audio announcements are duplicated in Japanese and English on many train and subway lines. Somewhere they are read even by native English speakers. Besides, you may run into pointers in English. Thus, in most cases, the Japanese can write and read an essaypro review in English, but they don’t speak fluently in it.

Forget about tips

You don’t have to calculate how many tips you should leave for this or that service since the very concept of tipping is absent here. Thus, you don’t need to feel somehow uncomfortable if you decide not to give anything at all and get unpleasant comments from an offended waiter or taxi driver for this. However, this bonus is such an elegant local trick since the interest for services is already included in the total price you should pay.

Don’t panic if you get lost

Just stand there with a confused face and a map in your hands. After some time, a compassionate Japanese will approach and take care of you. Their English may be poor, but they will try to help. If they fail to explain the right direction, they will take you to the police since, in small police stations called koban, police officers have the necessary information and large printed maps of the area. They will study your case (just like you study essay writing service reviews) and explain with gestures where to go and how long the road will take.

Book tickets to museums in advance

Residents have a rich cultural life, and they strive to get to various events as early as possible. Therefore, you should take care of tickets several months in advance. The Ghibli Museum, for example, starts selling tickets a month in advance of a planned visit. You can buy them via the Internet.

Be ready to pay tax

When you are about to leave Japan, you should be ready to pay tax. The tax on departure by air and water transport has been introduced since January 7, 2019. You will not be able to avoid it, as it is automatically included in the ticket price. The tax amount is 1000 yen. You may be comforted that foreigners and the Japanese who leave the country have to pay this tax.

Watch trains

Even Tokyo residents acknowledge the intricacies of the metropolitan rail system. It is owned by different carriers, which significantly increases each trip’s cost with transfers and surprises passengers with a variety. The fact is that trains of the same carrier can go in different directions from the same platform. It’s easy to make a mistake, so be careful and check the illuminated board. It would be even better to install the Japan Official TravelApp on your phone. It shows the departure time of the train and the platform from which it departs. The app is also useful when taking the subway.

Don’t buy paper tickets on the subway

It is worth buying a special travel pass, such as the JR Pass. It has a fixed price and allows you to travel on JR lines (including some shinkansen!) in the city and around the country. But if you need to travel somewhere where this travel pass does not work, you can save a little by buying a Suica or PASMO because they are charged with the exact cost of travel, while paper tickets are always rounded up.

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