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The Scottish Sun has published a sexist and unacceptable column about BBC journalist Jane Hill.

It’s common knowledge that trashy tabloid newspapers and blogs love a sexist headline, focussing on a female clothing, make-up, hair, and weight rather than their professional or social achievements.

But this outrageous headline stoops to a new low even by The Sun’s standards.

“Can you spot the clever trick BBC newsreader Jane Hill used to make her boobs stand out and her waist look smaller?” is the title of the piece written by Andrea Downey.

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Many people enraged by the article’s casual sexism took to Twitter to vent their anger.

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It is simply not ok to publish such articles, showing a lack of respect for female journalists and women in general.

Jane is one of the main presenters on the BBC News Channel, as well as regularly presenting the BBC Weekend News.

There is bias in the way women are portrayed in the media, with girls and women facing unprecedented levels of personal and public scrutiny over body shape. It is particularly alarming that this article was written by another female journalist.

Language defines just about everything we say and do. The words we use can influence, incite us to fight wars, hurt, undermine, demonise and demean.

If we, as journalists, all chose our words more carefully, we could make a difference to the way women are treated, and reflected, in society today.


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