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Trans activist, actor and writer Jake Graf pulls no punches in his latest short film, ‘Bully’.

Jake Graf’s hard hitting short focusing on the effects of cyber-bullying takes real life cases and packages them into three minutes of relentless awareness-raising which only those with hearts of stone could fail to be moved by.

The statistics behind the film are horrifying: 42 percent of LGBT+ youth have experienced online bullying; 33% have experienced online sexual harassment – four times higher then their straight counterparts, and they are twice as likely to attempt suicide.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Graf said, “Even after my recent wedding, my wife Hannah and I were trolled by people saying we shouldn’t be allowed to marry, that we were just freaks, that we were both mentally ill. This was all after the happiest day of our lives.”

Graf’s film feature YouTuber Riyhad Khalaf, TV presenter Sade Giliberti and singer-songwriter Jaimie Wilson.

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