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Thank goodness the weather’s cooled down so we can enjoy it.

It’s National Orgasm Day, the day that the whole nation erupts in paroxysms of unbridled ecstasy as their private areas are stimulated to climax for a full, non-stop 24 hours. What a time to be alive!

So, now you know why that woman on the tube was shuddering uncontrollably in her seat, or why that fella on the bus was sitting with at least three copies of the Metro on his lap. And don’t even get me started on why Doris at reception is considerably more flushed then usual. But hey, even the Dorises of this world are entitled to enjoy themselves.

Doris. Get off the internet and get on with some work.

Anyway, we thought we’d find out a bit more about the whole orgasm thing (obviously we’re TOTAL CHUFFING EXPERTS, but you can always learn more) so we got in touch with LELO, the company that makes some rather lovely ‘intimate’ products. Now, a lot of their research is based around what M/F couples get up to in bed but, in these days of fluidity, and also with a nod to our ever growing band of bisexual and pansexual readers, we reckon this is worth a read.

Our new besties at LELO (we’re only saying that so they send us a sample) told us that, earlier this week, Brigham Young University in Utah revealed staggering results that almost half of men have no idea how often their wives achieve orgasm during sex, with a quarter of men over-estimating how often their wives reach climax. With scientists saying husbands who are clueless about their partner’s orgasms tending to be unhappier in relationships, LELO wants to put a stop to this.

Big up to LELO! OutNews Global supports your crusade.

Why is this woman wearing roller skates?

After conducting their own its global sex survey, LELO found that 47% of sexually active adults have faked an orgasm in their lives at least once, combined with the stats of women still faking it more than once, this is simply not good enough! LELO has pulled together some top tips to make sure we all hit the peak, in a way that works for us.

1. Study your body 
Orgasms don’t come easily to everybody and one of the main things that we need to do is to really learn and understand our bodies, how it works and what we really like. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t is the key to achieving orgasm and truly enjoying your sex life. With or without a partner.

2. Communicate with one another 
If you’re trying to reach orgasm during sex rather than masturbation and you’re having trouble getting there then the most important thing is to talk to your partner. Tell them about what it is that you like that they do, tell them what works and what doesn’t. And if they are putting pressure on you to reach climax then this needs to stop urgently. The pressure women have on them to orgasm is half of the issue, you need to be in the right frame of mind to let this happen.

3. Incorporate toys
Sex toys are popular for a reason, they’ve helped many women and men over the years who have struggled reaching climax and just spicing up their sex lives in general. We’ve been scouting around the LELO website for a while (OK – for HOURS!) and the choice is quite incredible. Obviously, finding the vibrator is incredibly important, so check out the ORA which is an oral sex simulator, the SONA which is a sonic clitoral massager that uses sonic waves and pulses, or the TIANI which you can wear with your partner to both enjoy the ride.

Big thanks to LELO for helping us out with their superior orgasm knowledge and, to our readers, have a most satisfying National Orgasm Day.

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