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Georgina Moss, the founder of Chameleon Gin knows a thing or two about gin and is keen to shake off the image that gin is a summer drink. Using warming ingredients, you can turn mixologist and make a winter cocktail, perfect for cozy nights in.

Chameleon Gin offers a different experience from the usual gins with a subtle pine and orange flavour and comes with an infusion pocket, enabling each individual glass of gin to be made to suit the drinker with the option of adding extra orange flavour and colour.

Small batch and hand distilled in Cornwall with only 12 ingredients, Chameleon Gin is easy to drink straight with ice, with a subtle tonic or made into a cocktail like this Hot Gin Toddy. 

Chameleon Hot Gin Toddy

1 Tbsp Honey
50ml Gin
1/4 Cup Hot Water
Juice from a freshly squeezed orange (about 1 Tbsp)
1 Chameleon Gin Infusion Pocket
Garnish with a orange slice

To make this fabulous drink, simply add all the ingredients together and stir to melt the honey.

The quirky brand was set up by entrepreneur George after a successful round of crowdfunding at the end of last year. Originally ready to launch in March, George had to delay until she felt it was the right time and the distiller was able to get back to production.

“When May came around, it felt like the perfect time to start production as people needed cheering up! I was able to get the first batch produced and launched in June with an eye set on the home drinking market. Our customers are those who enjoy quality craft products and are looking for something special.”

Chameleon Gin indeed does feel special with its beautiful packaging and luxurious, high quality bags of botanical ingredients ready to make each glass bespoke to the lucky drinker. The Chameleon Gin Hot Toddy feels warming and smooth, very different from the crisp freshness from summer days – the addition of the honey and warm water is all the adaptation it needs to make it a cozy winter warmer.

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