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Many people have found that their circumstances have changed beyond recognition during the pandemic, not least with regard to loneliness and financial security. And now that the vaccine has arrived and we can, at last, look forward to going out and about once again, many people’s minds are turning to finding a partner.

Yet finding a partner isn’t always as easy as it sounds, which is why more and more people – of ALL sexualities – are turning to escort classifieds for company. Frankly, when so many of us have been isolating for the past year, getting back into the swing of things with an escort isn’t a bad idea at all.

We spoke to, a company that offers local escort ads and free escort posting for anyone who wants to turn to escorting as a way to boost their income.

They advised us that free escort websites are a good place to start and anyone wishing to take the plunge – either as a client or as an escort – needs to bear in mind that legitimate organisations like do not offer sexual services of any kind – either for money or for free. Escorting is about providing company and a good time – that’s all!

We tracked down William, a gay escort working out of New York City. William told us that, initially, he had been a regular client before turning to escorting as a way not just to boost his income but expand his lifestyle and social circle. 

On becoming an escort, he says “It is honestly the best thing I have ever done. I was apprehensive at first – that’s only natural – but I have met so many amazing guys, been to places I had never even thought of and had a fantastic time. Escorting may not be for everyone but it works for me!”

Shani (not her real name) is a bisexual escort and has met women, men and couples. She told us “I’ve been working as an escort for two years and have never looked back. I meet so many great people and have had some truly wild times.”

It is certainly the case that, in days gone by, using an escort or, for that matter, working as one was viewed as something of a taboo but that is no longer the case. Loneliness is a terrible thing and if you can derive enjoyment from seeing an escort, we reckon that you should go for it.

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