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She’s a permanent fixture on the red carpet and seldom out of the tabloids. But what’s model and presenter Danielle Mason really like. Rob Harkavy went along to find out. (Lucky boy). 

You’ve worked as a model, presenter and reality TV star. Which of those roles gives you the most satisfaction and why?

They all do, it’s just what I was born to do…love doing reality as it’s just so easy being myself! I launched my career being a model and those were the best years of my life – I saw so much of the world.

You’re fast on the way to becoming a gay icon. Why do you think the LGBTQ+ community has taken you to their hearts?

Well, to paraphrase Madonna, I am kind of a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. Personally when I hear people say “I love all gay people” it think it’s offensive or they’re trying to be cool. All my life I have friends first who just happen to be LGBTQ. My PR who is gay says I am camp, and he should know! And who doesn’t love the glamour of drag! If I were a gay man I’d definitely be rushing to get a frock on and go on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Also I seem to fit in with the LGBTQ community. It’s such a comfortable place for me and I n ever feel judged. Plus I get lost of offers from girls which is hugely flattering!

One thing is for sure. I am  bringing my kids up to realise that there is more that one way to love.

How does it feel to have your private life splashed all over the tabloids, and do you have to protect your children from some of what’s written about you?

My kids come first. I have to think of them nowadays so, to protect them, I keep my mouth shut about a lot of things as I do not want them to read about when they are older in order to protect them. I dread the day when they start understanding social media, I mean the crap people put up is ridiculous.

I understand that press are doing their job and they can also work in my favour so I will not ever trash them. In fact, they can also be a very positive thing, but last year I was badly turned over by al ot of people in the industry and it’s changed me as a person. Dealing with the tabloid press has been a massive learning curve which I didn’t react to as I’ve grown up a lot and so far it’s working in my favour.

You’ve been close to the traveller community. What do you think they can teach the rest of us?

Great cooking and cleaning values!

How does it feel knowing you’re the wank fantasy of so many men and women?

How can you put it so crudely darling? (Looks disapprovingly). Listen, if I am  a fantasy I am hugely flattered, but don’t we all have our fantasies and dreams? But for me loving one person is my ultimate fantasy .

You and your sister Jessie Wallace seem to have a stormy relationship. How are things between you now?

Like any family..up and down. (We wisely decide not to pursue this line of questioning!).

What three words would you use to describe yourself.

Sensitive. Misunderstood (people really do not know the real me!). Loyal.

Can you tell your fans what we can expect from you in 2020?

Lots and lots! I have a panto lined up and – Steven my PR will kill me for this – I’ve somehow ended up getting into cage fighting. There’s also a weight-loss deal in the pipeline and I’m in talks to launch my own reality TV show.


Burger or kebab?


Vanilla or kink?

Depends who you are…

Beach holiday or city break?


Posh dinner or the pub?

Posh dinner

Dildo or vibrator?

I don’t need either do I?

Looks or personality?


Length or girth?

It’s what you do with it

Big Brother or Love Island?

Neither….I’m a celeb

Appearing on Strictly. Yes or no?

Yes please!

Thanks Danielle. It’s been a blast and you’ve been amazing. Have a great 2020 from all of us at OutNews Global.

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