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studentsOn Wednesday 19th September Sean Nash is facilitating an exciting new seminar. He explores whether gay people have yet gained an equal footing within British society since homosexuality was decriminalised in British law in 1967.

In this fully interactive seminar, Sean explores many aspects of human life including celebrities, sport, politics and criminality. He looks at whether the British gay population are still experiencing inequalities in these areas when compared with their heterosexual counterparts. There are many widely-held incorrect beliefs and inaccuracies that this seminar aims to shatter and present the truth instead.

Sean says, “I have combed through countless pieces of research, statistics and stories to produce this seminar. Some of the facts I uncovered are funny, some are surprising and some brought a tear to my eye. There is a lot of misinformation out there and hopefully this seminar will be one way of helping to correct that”.

The seminar is completely free and open to all. There will be a mixture of unusual visual aids, small group discussions and larger group discussions as well as Sean delivering his findings.

The seminar will take place in Room 414 of Birkbeck College, London, between 18:30 and 21:00.

Tickets can be booked by visiting the official website or


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