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indianflagA woman in India has been arrested after going on a hunger strike when her girlfriend was taken away from her.

Naseem Budhiya, 26, went on a two-day hunger strike calling for the release of her girlfriend Kajal Patel, 25, from her parents’ home – where she believes Patel’s life is in danger. Both women come from the Indian city of Rajkot.

Budhiya’s actions have been condemned by the ultra conservative Hindu faction the Bajrang Dal activists. The police have said they will offer Naseem protection from the militant group.

The two women met at a water park seven years ago and started a relationship in college. Soon after the pair declared their love Patel’s family forced her to get engaged to a man.

Patel fled her home on March 20 to live with Naseem in a Rajkot apartment. The couple were traced by police five days later after a missing complaint was filed. Naseem has alleged they burst in with guns and dragged to a police station in the middle of the night where they were beaten.

Rajkot’s police commissioner, Geeta Johri, is known for the controversial role in the Sohrabuddin case where a criminal was kidnapped and murdered by police officers. Johri was dismissed from the case for exposing the high levels of corruption in the force.

After release the pair were transferred to a women’s organisation from where Patel was sent back to her parents. Naseem then petitioned the courts stating that Patel’s family had abducted her and were a threat to her life.

On Monday Naseem commenced a ‘fast unto death’ in the hope that her partner might be freed. The following day the police arrested Naseem and claimed they had recorded Kajal saying that she did not wish to live with her. Naseem is currently out on bail.

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