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Identical twin sisters have become the first in China to undergo joint gender reassignment surgery, reported Youth Daily.

The 25-year-old sisters are reported to be the first female-to-male siblings in the country.

Yao Wen, a pseudonym of one of the twins, told the Youth Daily ‘I’m willing to give everything for a sex change, my university certificates, my current job and everything.’

When asked which twin affected the other in the decision, Wen said that he and ‘Yao Hua’ had both identified as male from a very young age. He said they were interested in guns, marbles, Taekwando and gradually developed a vague sense of liking for girls.

The twins told their parents, who eventually accepted them, and then used their life savings and borrowed money to have the operation at the People’s Liberation Army Hospital 411.

“The operations on both the twins are successful,” their surgeon, Zhao Yede, was quoted as saying.

”They said they would continue to save up (money) from hard work so they can return for their respective last phases of surgery,” he said.

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