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Healthy, white and bright teeth can make a huge difference to your life. They will fill you with a lot more self-confidence, helping you feel better about yourself and making it easier for you to flash your gorgeous smile at everybody without a second thought. If you are worried about your teeth and want to improve the way that they look, the good news is that there are several different teeth whitening products to choose from on the market. Whether you want to seriously transform your teeth or just help to avoid them getting any worse, there are several options to consider when it comes to teeth whitening. But determining the right option for you is not always easy, with so many choices to make. When it comes to choosing the right teeth whitening treatment or product for you, here are some of the key things to consider. 

Ask Your Dentist

The best first step to take if you are thinking about having your teeth whitened is to ask your dentist for their advice. Your dentist can provide teeth whitening treatments that are likely to be stronger and more effective to the products that you can find online and in stores, since dentists are able to offer tooth whitening treatments that contain more peroxide in a safe environment. And, if you are interested in gentler whitening treatments like whitening toothpaste, your dentist can also help you choose the right one for you. If you’re looking for a new dentist to help you start your journey towards whiter and brighter teeth, this Dentist in Brisbane can help. Pure Dentistry offer a wide range of treatments from general dentistry to cosmetic dental procedures, tooth alignment, whitening and more. They use the latest technology and quality materials to get the best results for their patients. 

Severity of Staining

Think about your teeth and how stained they are right now. Most people have a little bit of teeth staining that can be expected from the types of foods and beverages that you consume on a regular basis. For example, if you drink a coffee every morning, it’s likely to cause some discolouration to your teeth over time. If your teeth are only lightly stained, it’s likely that you might get good results from over-the-counter teeth whitening products like whitening strips, whitening gels, or toothpaste that contains a mild abrasive to gently scrape the stains off. On the other hand, if you have a lot of staining that has built up on your teeth over time or staining from past heavy smoking habits, you will probably get better results with a treatment provided by your dentist and always do your regular check-up and cleans


There are many teeth whitening products out there to choose from, and some of them are definitely more convenient to use than others. If you don’t have the option of taking time off work to get an appointment for whitening your teeth at the dentist, the good news is that alternatives are available. Speak to your dentist since they might be able to make an at-home treatment for you that is customised for your teeth and can be used at your own leisure at home whenever it suits you best. If you don’t need intensive tooth whitening products, you could consider over the counter teeth whitening strips that are just placed on your teeth for a certain amount of time while you get on with your daily life. 

Product and Brand Reputation

If you are going to purchase over the counter teeth whitening products to use, it’s important to consider the reputation of the product and the brand that provides it. Some over the counter teeth whitening products are sadly just not very effective, while others might be dangerous for your teeth. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to spend some time looking into the product online. Read reviews from past and current customers to find out more about their experience before deciding on the right product for you. It is typically a better idea to buy from well-known and trusted brands rather than brands that you’ve never heard of – but of course, there are some exceptions to this. 


It is also worth thinking about how much you want to spend on whitening your teeth. If you are prepared to pay anything to get the smile that you want, the most cost-effective way of doing this might be with a treatment from your dentist. Although it might cost you a few hundred dollars, you are likely to get faster, better results from a professional treatment compared to spending potentially the same amount added up over time on cheaper over the counter products. Always remember that dentistry is not expensive, but negligence is. Take care of your teeth from childhood and take your children for regular check-ups to your trusted local paediatric dentist.

How Much Time You Have

Think about how much time you have to get the smile you want before you decide on the right whitening treatment or product for you. In some cases, it might not really matter how long it takes to get your teeth a few shades brighter if you simply want them to be whiter in general. On the other hand, if you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding or a holiday and want your teeth looking their best in time for that, it might restrict your options a little when it comes to choosing a whitening product that’s going to work effectively and in time. For example, whitening toothpaste will usually take a long time before you start to see even small results, while a treatment from your dentist can often lead to instant differences that you can see when you smile straight afterwards. 

Your Dental Health

Before choosing a whitening product, it’s also worth thinking about your dental health. Make sure that the whitening product that you choose isn’t going to impact the health and condition of your teeth and gums. If you have sensitive teeth, it’s definitely worth speaking to your dentist about suitable whitening products since some whitening treatments can cause your teeth to become even more sensitive afterwards, and the last thing that you want is to pay the price of pain for nicer-looking teeth. Your dentist might also recommend that you have any minor work on your teeth that needs to be done, like fillings, before you go ahead with whitening your teeth. 

Keeping Up with Your Whiter Teeth

Finally, consider how you are going to maintain your whiter teeth once you have had the treatment or used the whitening product that you choose. Sadly, teeth whitening treatments don’t work permanently, and your teeth can become stained again over time. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to slow this down. After the treatment, you should avoid eating or drinking anything that could stain your teeth for at least a few days. When you do consume anything that might stain your teeth, it’s a good idea to rinse out your mouth with water or brush your teeth immediately afterwards to reduce the risk of re-staining. Using a whitening toothpaste with a mild abrasive can also help to avoid stain build-up overtime after a whitening treatment. 

Teeth whitening products and treatments can be the ideal way to improve your smile, build your self-confidence and even achieve a healthier mouth. 

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