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All profits from this brilliant movie go to LGBT charities in the UK and US.

Hooked tells the harrowing story of Jack, a smart-mouthed, homeless teenage prostitute. He lives in a dangerous world full of reckless johns, but yearns to find a better life with his boyfriend Tom. It’s a riveting and important film written and directed by LGBT model and actor Max Emerson. (Check out his Instagram account @maxisms, which has over 750k followers.)

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Here’s the trailer to give you a taster:

Another reason you’ll want to support this awesome project is that all profits made from the film go directly to LGBT charities including GLAAD, The LA LGBT Youth Centre and the Albert Kennedy Trust, helping our community on both sides of the Atlantic.

We spoke to Executive Producer Anthony Watson to find out more.


“I’ve worked across blue chip companies, start-ups and charities. But I can honestly say Executive Producing a movie, especially one’s first movie, has got to be one the most humbling and rewarding experiences of my life. A movie such as Hooked is life changing. It’s speaks to all members of the LGBT community, young and old. I got to support my friend, the movie’s creative genius, writer and director Max Emerson and – most importantly – all profits go to OUR LGBT youth in both the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Hooked premieres on 27 May at Toronto’s InsideOut Film Festival, before its screening at the NewFest fundraiser in New York’s Ali Forney Centre on 26 June.

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