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schoolBritish teacher Jason Gibbs has been banned from teaching children after a series of homophobic remarks, and physical abuse towards pupils.

Mr Gibbs was brought before a disciplinary panel facing allegations from four schools where he taught between 2000 and 2009.

The panel heard how the teacher would remark to pupils ‘don’t go into the shower because this group will start bending you over and do you up the ass’.  The Huffington Post reported that in addition to this, he called a group of boys ‘poofs’ and ‘batty boys’, as well as calling one pupil a ‘wanker’ and another a ‘fat twat’,  reported.  While at another school, Gibbs allegedly held a pupil by the back of the neck, threw him down a grass bank and kneed him in the pupil’s already injured knee, causing it to bleed.

The disgraced teacher told the General Teaching Council for England  that he had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2008 and that this had ‘significantly affected his teaching career’.

Minna Nathoo, chair of the GTCE panel, said: ‘Such remarks tend to humiliate and offend pupils. They also show a lack of respect by the teacher, who in addition is expected to be a role model.

‘This is a teacher who has resigned from one school after another, at a point when disciplinary action was being initiated as a result of inappropriate behaviour. This misbehaviour was then repeated at the next school.

‘He appears to have learnt nothing from this experience. Further, in order to obtain his later jobs, he withheld relevant information. His misconduct is serious. It resulted in pupils being put at serious risk of physical harm.’

The panel found Gibbs guilty of the allegations and struck him off the teaching register indefinitely. He will not be allowed to challenge the order for at least two years.

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