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feetSteve Hardie, a Christian health worker from Peterborough, has been found guilty of misconduct over allegations of unfair treatment of patients he believed to be gay.



The Health Professions Council (HPC) panel judged that Mr Hardie’s fitness to practice had been impaired, before giving him a one-year ban from his work in private practice.

He previously worked for Peterborough Community Services, an NHS Trust, between 2005 and 2009. In that time, several incidents are alleged to have taken place. Evidence against Mr Hardie included; refusing to treat a male patient because he believed that he was gay; transferring the care of an HIV positive man to a colleague, due to the belief that he was homosexual; and being “rude and obnoxious” to a pair of gentlemen that he perceived to be a couple, simply because they lived at the same address.

Sarah Weaver, Mr Hardie’s representative, informed the BBC that he had “not received one complaint” since leaving his position at the NHS and that he has a large number of patients now, including someone who was HIV positive. She continued, “He accepts that he must treat all patients irrespective of his beliefs.”

This follows on from Mr Hardia informing the panel that his faith was behind his actions.

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