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raabeDr Hans-Christian Raabe has been dismissed from his position on the government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, because of his homophobic views.

The advisor, who the Daily Telegraph reports to have directly linked homosexuality with child sex abuse in a 2005 paper, did not disclose his views to the Home Office before taking up his position.

Labour Party-affiliated gay rights group LGBT Labour expressed concern today as to why Raabe was handed the position in the first place. James Asser, Co-Chair of the group, said, “The Home Office purports to blame Raabe for not disclosing his homophobic views… However, the screening process must have been incredibly lax – his views are well documented and easily available on the internet”.

Before his dismissal, LGBT Labour and MP Bridget Phillipson (Labour member of the Home Office Select Committee) had already condemned the appointment of Raabe to his advisory position.

Asser called the appointment of Raabe by Home Secretary Theresa May’s department a “serious misjudgement” and said that it had “significantly damaged the LGBT community’s trust in this Government”.


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