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Christopher Johnson has no memory of the incident that left him needing hospital treatment.

After staying the night at a friend’s house he was walking along Sheil Road, Kensington, Liverpool when he believes he was attacked.

The assault happened at 11am on Tuesday morning.

He has now shared the pictures online in the hope of witnesses coming forward.

Johnson told the Liverpool Echo: “I spent the night at my best friend’s house and I walked along Sheil Road to go home. I don’t remember a thing other than waking up at about 11am, having been unconcious.

“There’s no way a fall could have caused the injuries I’ve got, I must have been attacked, but I’ve got no memory of it.

“I feel it must have been a homophobic attack because I wasn’t robbed of anything and I didn’t have anything of value on me.”

Christopher added: “I was always scared of going out at night — but now I feel like I should be scared of going out in the day too. It’s terrifying to be honest.

“What’s more scary is that I was there for almost an hour and nobody stopped to help me.

“Someone must have saw me, there were a lot of people driving past on their way to work.”

He is now frightened to leave his own home on his own.

homophobic attack
          Photo: Liverpool Echo

Johnson’s friend, Iwan Steffan, was left shocked about the attack.

He said: “Christopher left my house around 9.30 and next thing I had a call from hospital. I got a taxi straight there to see if he was OK. His injuries are so bad there’s no way they were from him falling or anything like that. He must have been attacked.”

Merseyside Police have confirmed they received reports of an assault and are currently investigating the matter.

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